Where am I going from here?

Oh Yeah, where am I going from here? It is more important to be with your family than pursue your own self happiness, it’s not as if I am thinking only of myself when you already have family who you need to consider, I should have been in China by now but I cannot I would rather sacrifice my own happiness than be away from my family I love my son and wife so much that I am willing to sacrifice, besides having a family is the real happiness.

I am being dramatic, I am feeling sad but I know I can get through this. I know there are better opportunities if we do what is required of us. Well, well, well why am I writing about this? Hmmm right because this is my blog my personal blog and therefore I can write anything I want here! Anyway I just want to update this blog because it’s loosing it’s ranking already and I want to pull it back :) so big G even if this is nonsense will you get me back into your SERPs please lol


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4 Responses to “Where am I going from here?”

  1. fishing-boy says:

    why unemployed? You resigned? Why so?


  2. fishing-boy says:

    so how's work now?


    Caesar Reply:

    unemployed :)


    fishing-boy Reply:

    why unemployed? You resigned? Why so? I thought you are in singapore?


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