Windows 8 Serial Number

Windows 8 is coming out or is already out I am not really sure and care but what I am so sure about is that many people will look for the Windows 8 serial number and that’s where I am interested in.

I am sure many people will drop by here because I am the first to babble about this non sense post if you know what I mean.

Hmm do you think I should give such code? I have the retail and it can be use for 100+ computers with valid installer.

If you want the serial leave your email address on the comments the first 100 will get the serial. First come first serve.

What are you waiting for? comment now!!!

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9 Responses to “Windows 8 Serial Number”

  1. Kevin Holly says:

    Are you still giving away serial numbers? I am very interested in it and it would be very great if you can send me one. Thank you :-)


  2. Sam Smith says:

    Hi, i'm interested in the serial number too.



  3. ivan says:

    eai cesar teria como vc me mandar o serial do windows 8


  4. fat says:

    i hope i am not too late for this

    send me please


  5. Robbie Morris says:

    Serial Please :)


    Caesar Reply:

    Serial sent to your email :) enjoy!


  6. john says:



    Caesar Reply:

    Check your email for the serial number


    john Reply:

    Hello Caesar – I checked my email and did not receive the serial number. Can you please resend. Thx


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