I am in Singapore

Yeah, you read it right I am in Singapore, it’s been almost 2 months since I was sent here by my company for an embedment program with murex.

First I was puzzled, I didn’t even know what murex is all about then when the learning started, I saw it as an opportunity, a new learning that I am sure the company (capgemini) and myself can both benefit.

I was just told that the sole purpose of the program is for me to be trained and be exposed with the system so that my company can win clients in the future when there is a need of such consultants for murex.

I was told that I am the first in Asia to be trained for capgemini, so I promised my manager do my best and learn as much as I can. During my first few weeks I was struggling, I was not comfortable getting along with other races, although it’s not my first time being sent overseas for training, in addition i felt pressured with the training because it was fast and I cannot comprehend,

I felt real dumb as my colleagues are so quick in picking up, later did I know that they already have 4 years experience with he system and I was told not to compare myself with them. I felt relieved as I know am doing my best and I always seek help from GOD to bless me that I may understand the things I need to learn.

Well what else can I say hmmm… I missed my family so much specially my son Gavin my wife is with me but I still feel incomplete. I wonder how other ofw’s manage to leave their homes and families with this kind of situation?

Maybe it’s the “to skip poverty” and “better future for my family” is what’s driving them. My plan is to bring my entire family here so I don’t feel home sick and save save save then plan carefully how things should go. Enough babbling now I am writing from my iPhone it’s quite difficult so till my next update.

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  1. Nini says:

    hey…I hope you guys are starting to settle in and adjust to everythings thats been going on.. hopefully your situation is no longer "tiis-ganda" hehehe… take care! God Bless!


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