Mystery Caller (02) 2149500 – Philippines

Have you been called by this number from your land line or cellphone? Well I was, I answered but no one responded on the other line.

That’s pretty mysterious isn’t it? So what I did was search online and found out that I am not the only who was contacted by this number.

To my curiosity I want to know who this person is and what His purpose in calling me, What if it is an emergency or something, then I could have helped.

So what I did was call Globe Telecom and ask if the number is familiar and luckily they are, I tell you what,

If you have been called by this number 2149500 I would assume you are all a Globe subscriber either land line, broad band or any of there service.

If so, that number is an automated caller from Globe reminding you to settle your accounts or pay your bills already.

Now that’s mystery caller solved…

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6 Responses to “Mystery Caller (02) 2149500 – Philippines”

  1. ian tolentino says:

    di naman ako naka postpaid! why do i have a bill?


  2. kerol says:

    yun pala yon hahahaha! now I know, thanks!:)


  3. flor says:

    bill was already stop calling na.


  4. flor says:

    sana nagsasalita agad..


  5. france says:

    hahaha ang galing, kaya pala marami ang natatawagan ng mystery caller na'to. :)


    Caesar Reply:

    Oo nga po eh akala ko kung anu na yung tumatawag na yun

    nasagot ko din eh tapos may sumagot naman sabi settle ko na daw yung bill ko hehehe ayun! taga innove ata yun


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