How to Install and Use CWCHEAT

There’s just so may PSP owners who would like to use cwcheat on the games they love playing specially those that are difficult to finish. I am not into using cheats because it looses the thrill built on the game. But I know many people want’s to use cheats and most do not know how to use and install it, so I came up with this guide:


1. CWCHEAT application, plugin or prx
2. Desktop or Laptop Computer
3. Card reader or a PSP USB Cable
4. a PSP with custom firmware installed (hacked)

Note: cwcheat can only be use with already hacked PSP’s or the one’s with custom firmware (CFW)


1: Download the CWCHEAT Plugin on your computer.
2: Extract the file where you can easily find it (desktop)
3: Copy the cwcheat, pops.txt, game.txt on the seplugins folder of your psp’s memory stick.
3.1: If there is no sepugins folder at the root of the memory stick create one.

PSP root Memory Stick

4: Once copied open and edit pops.txt as well as game.txt and make sure you have the below line of code on them:
for game.txt ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1
for pops.txt ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheatpops.prx 1


5: Close everything and safely remove the memory card of your psp from the computer or disconnect the USB cable from your PSP to the computer.

How to Use:

1: Launch a game (any game would do)
2: Long press the SELECT button on your PSP
3: You should see exactly like the below:


4: Point the arrow to [N] Enable cheats and press the X button to change it to [Y] meaning YES
5: Press the Up button on your PSP and point it to Select Cheats
6: Press X button and select the cheats you want to enable

select cheats

Note: It is not advisable to enable all the cheats as it can cause freezing and lagging during gameplay.
It can turn off or shutdown your PSP so I suggest you enable only the best cheats.

7: Once done choosing the best cheats to use press SELECT button to save the changes.
8: Then Press O (circle) twice to exit.

In my next article I will create a guide how to add cheats on the cwcheat database so stay tune!!!

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  1. NeedHelp says:

    how to fix select cheats that doesn't show up any hacks. i already transferred the codes successfully. please reply!


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