How to Hack Skycable digibox

I was wondering if it is possible to attach another television on SkyCable’s DigiBox,

I searched, searched and searched, and finally I found a site so what I did was read, read and read until I reached the very end,

Unfortunately all I got was tadaaa… there is no way of doing it,

Well maybe there is but people or hackers are not just willing to share you know to play safe.

Besides it’s cheating and it’s dishonest, So if I were you I would subscribe for an additional TV or subscribe to another service where you can plug the other TV.

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3 Responses to “How to Hack Skycable digibox”

  1. joemel says:

    hey if yuor good yiou hack it\


  2. sucktobeu says:

    its sucks to be you! what a waste of time!


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